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Spencer in a black mosaic collar
Wear U Lead Collar Buying Guide

We offer two types of collars for dogs.  Buckle collars, martingale collars.   All of our collars, including martingales are adjustable.

Our buckle collars feature YKK contoured buckles.

We use heavy welded D-rings and high quality webbing in a variety patterns.

Our chain martingale collars feature top quality metal hardware.

When measuring your dog's neck, remember you should be able to slide your fingers under the collar
Buckle collars.  Conventional buckle collars don't need to be boring.  We offer a variety of colorful patterns and plain colors.  All are adjustable.  Buckle collars are available in 1/2 inch,1 inch and 1.5 inch widths.  See sizing and pattern availability charts below.  $12.00

Tie Dye (also in 1.5")*

Pink Plaid (also in 1.5")*

Pink Paisley

Bees (ribbon on webbing)

Daisies (ribbon on webbing)

Blue Camo Bones

Neon Paws

Barbed Wire
1 inch wide patterned webbing with YKK contour buckle for medium to extra large dogs
Martingale collars. These are limited slip collars that work by closing on the dog's neck when it tries to back out or struggle on leash.  These collars won't choke your dog, as they only close as far as the two slides allow and the fabric loop lets the collar loosen automatically when the dog relaxes.  All dogs can wear martingale collars, but they work best on breeds whose heads are smaller than their necks (ie: Greyhounds, Whippets, JRT, etc...).   DO NOT leave a martingale collar on your dog when unattended!  Available in 1 inch and 1.5 inch widths only.   $15.00
Chain loop martingale collars same design as the fabric loop martingale, the main difference being that a chain is used in place of a fabric loop.  Our collars are adjustable and will not choke the dog when sized properly.  DO NOT leave a half-check collar on your dog when unattended!  Available in 1 inch width only.  $15.00
What size collar do you need?  Use the following guidelines to order your collar.
Small:  Fits 7.5"- 12" neck
Medium:  Fits 12" - 18" neck
Large:  Fits 14" - 22" neck
XL:  Fits 20"- 28" neck

All 1 inch or wider webbing can be made into martingale collars.  Chain martingale collars are made from only 1 inch webbing.  Do you have a special request or question?  Contact us at info@wearulead.com
1/2 inch wide small dog patterns

Pink Plaid

Red Paw Print  (also in 1" wide)

Blue Sky

Tie Dye

Lindsay Plaid

Angel sporting a pink plaid collar
We offer a variety of patterns to suit your dog's style
* Tie Dye, Candy, Black Mosaic and Pink Plaid and Hi-Vis Orange patterns are available in 1.5 inch width for large or extra large dogs.  Please note 1.5 inch buckles are not contoured.  Martingale collars can be made from the same 1.5 inch width material with metal hardware and fabric loop. 
Zombie Hunter (ribbon)

Candy (also in 1.5")*

Purple Paisley  (ribbon on webbing)


Black Mosaic (also in 1.5")*

Leashes are available to match your favorite collars!
$9.00 for small dogs
Hi-Vis Orange