Specialty Products
You asked for it, and we made it just for you!
ROMAN STYLE HARNESS            $20.00

A traditional style harness that keeps pressure on the chest and off the throat.
We put a grab loop on it too, for control when you need it.  Can be made for large and small breeds.  Measure your dog at the barrel of the chest. 
STEP-IN STYLE HARNESS            $20.00

Easy to put on and lessens problems with pulling.  Takes pressure off the throat.  Can be used by any size dog.  Measure just behind armpits. 
Want to be able to control your dog off leash?  Teaching your dog to track game?  Start by using this long 30' training lead to help you train your dog to listen to your commands.  Made of sturdy polyester webbing in bright orange or camo.  (For training use only, not recommended to be used as a tie out for your dog)

We can make them in rope and do custom sizes too.
KWIK SLIP LEADS                  $22.00

A martingale-style leash and collar all-in-one.  A proven favorite of agility handlers.  Get your dog on and off the course quickly and easily.
What could be better than a stylish bag dispenser that holds two rolls of poo bags?  Secure clip holds the dispenser on your belt loop, backpack or purse.   Each bag is unique.